Our Chosen Charities

St Mungo’s

St Mungo’s has a vision that everyone has a place to call home and can fulfill their hopes and ambitions. To do this, the charity provides support directly to its clients, either to prevent them becoming homeless or to help people recover from homelessness. By building relationships with communities and the wider public, they aim to increase understanding of homelessness and empathy towards the people who experience homelessness and are an advocate for policy change by combining their clients’ voices with the experience they have about what works.

Since being set up 50 years ago, St Mungo’s has developed a recovery-based approach. At the heart of all of their services is their commitment to empowering individuals, to support people in their recovery journey and to prevent homelessness in the future. Each client goes to St Mungo’s with a unique set of skills and strengths and St Mungo’s staff use these as the starting point for moving towards a healthier, happier and more stable life.



We are a charity and have been serving the local community for over 130 years. Whilst our focus is on young people, we work with all members of the community, in the belief that everyone should be able to reach their full potential, regardless of their background. We call this a youth minded community approach.

Every night we provide supported accommodation for homeless people locally, providing young people with opportunities to develop the necessary life skills to find work and live independently.

Every day we do inspiring work, supporting young people and helping them belong, contribute and thrive in their local communities.

Help for Heroes

Supporting our Military and thanking them for their Service is important to us at Orion. We support a number of Military charities that provide support to our wounded, injured and sick and those in need of support throughout their service and veteran lives.

Help for Heroes believe those who serve our country deserve support when they’re wounded. Every day, seven people have to leave the Armed Forces as a result of physical or psychological wounds; their lives changed forever. Help for Heroes help them, and those still serving, to recover and get on with their lives by giving them physical, psychological, career, financial and welfare support for as long as they need it. They also support their families, because they too can be affected by their loved one’s wounds.